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Discover How To Find Your Perfect $1,000 Month Digital Product Topic, Then Plug it Into a 3-Step Passive Income System

... without getting overwhelmed or worrying about the tech

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Ready to start creating multiple streams of passive income in your business?

After you've gone through this workshop, you'll walk away with an outline of your digital product and what your automated passive income strategy will look like.


During This Free Workshop, I'm Giving You a Behind-The-Scenes Look Into How a Passive Income Strategy Should Be Set Up for Success

I'll Also Be Answering Your Biggest Questions...

 Wondering how you can incorporate digital products into your

      current business?

This is the first mistake a lot of female entrepreneurs make. I break things down and show you how you can introduce, and include, digital products into your existing business without needing to learn anything new.

  Can't decide on a digital product topic idea?

No problem, I've got you covered! I explain how the answer to your topic dilemma is already there, you just have to go out and find it.  I then show you a process to dig deep and find that perfect $1,000+ per month golden topic idea.

You now have your topic idea, but what type of digital product should you create?

I totally understand how this can be confusing, but it's quite simple really. There's a simple concept for what type of digital product to create for what purpose. I share this concept with you so you'll always know what type of digital product to create for your offerings.

I also share with you:

What's the best digital product to create first.

Why having a digital product alone is not enough for a passive income


The 3 step strategy system you need to follow for passive income


How to automate your digital product sales (your automated selling


How to get unlimited traffic to your automated selling machine.

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Hi, I'm Claire!

I created my first digital product back in 2007, it was a simple ebook on 'How To Set-Up a Management House Cleaning Business'  (I used to run my own house cleaning business and employed two cleaners while I managed the business from my home office).

This simple ebook give me my first real taste of passive income; because I was literally making money while I slept - and I was hooked!  I then went on a passive income extravaganza and wrote 12 'how to' ebooks and tons of printable worksheets over the following years.

I made lots of mistakes (naturally) and things have changed, and continue to change in the online world. This workshop is showing you the up-to-date way to create passive income with digital products now. This is what's working now, and it's a brilliant time for you jump on board and join in on all this passive income fun which so many people are reaping rewards from!

Claire x

Claire Bullerwell

Founder | Create a Passive Business

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