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"How To Find Your Perfect $1,000 month Digital Product Topic Idea, Then Plug it Into a 3-Step Passive Income System."

Meet Claire

Hello, nice to meet you!

I created my first digital product back in 2007, it was a simple ebook on 'How To Set-Up a Management House Cleaning Business'  (I used to run my own house cleaning business and employed two cleaners while I managed the business from my home office).

This simple ebook give me my first real taste of passive income; because I was literally making money while I slept - and I was hooked!  I then went on a passive income extravaganza and wrote 12 'how to' ebooks and tons of printable worksheets over the following years.

This workshop is showing you the up-to-date way to create passive income with digital products. This is what's working now, and it's a brilliant time for you jump on board and join in on all this passive income fun which so many people are reaping rewards from!

Oh, and this is not a pre-recorded live webinar or Zoom training which is 90 minutes long.

I'm very conscious of your precious time, so I specifically wrote and recorded this workshop to be short, concise and straight to the point. There is no fluff or waffle, and you will learn something new.

I hope you enjoy it!

Claire x

Claire Bullerwell

Founder | Create a Passive Business

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