The must have 3-step system to create unlimited passive income cash-flows with digital products and automation (but without all the overwhelm!)

"And no, you don't have to create a $997 course!"

Want to start creating passive income

but literally don't know where to begin?

for female

coaches | bloggers | freelancers | service-providers

You know you want to create at least one passive income

stream with a digital product because you're currently...

► Frustrated by your lack of consistent income.

Tired of having to constantly find new clients.

Wanting to monetize your blog.

Tired of trading time for money.

You don't earn any money if you go on holiday or have a day off.

Overwhelmed & burnt out with your current set-up.

Want to spend more time with your family and/or on hobbies.

Have too many ‘meh’ days and not getting anything done.

Cannot reach your income goals.

Don’t want to offer coaching or a service for an income.

Do you relate with any of these?

If so, in order to rectify any of the above problems, you've started to look into creating a digital product.

BUT, you've now opened up a new set of problems because...

You keep putting off creating it. If so, have you identified why?

You don't know what type of digital product to create or what topic to choose.

You don't want to create an online course (not yet anyway).

You're too confused by the tech side of things.

The whole process simply overwhelms you.

You don't know how to sell or deliver your digital product after you've created it.

You've heard of sales funnels but you're not sure what they are, never mind create one!

You don't have an audience or a consistent flow of traffic, and

You don't even know how to start getting consistent traffic or building an audience.

... this list can go on and on.

The point is, you're a little bit stuck (or a lot stuck), and you've decided that it's time to reach out for some help.

Because at the end of the day, you know that it's 100% possible to earn consistent passive income with a digital product, because you're constantly seeing other female entrepreneurs doing exactly that.

Being on The Roundabout of Frustration

Then you start asking yourself...

"How do they do it?" They have a strategy and a system.

"What do they have that I don't?" Nothing. Just some extra knowledge, that's all.

"Why can't I get those same results?" You can, you just need a step-by-step strategy!

Others are doing it, so you definitely can do it too!

You can 100% have all this...

Have peace of mind knowing that you've got a digital product passive income stream making sales for you 24/7 - $1,000+ per month is very achievable.

Being able to spend more time doing what you enjoy the most, instead of looking for new clients or wasting time on traffic tactics that aren't yielding results.

Start reaching your income goals and lifestyle goals with the knowledge that you can even bypass these goals with multiple streams of passive income.


What you need my friend, is what I call a highly-leveraged business model.

You leverage your income and you leverage your traffic building efforts.

And get this...

When you leverage your income strategy, you don't even need

those high volume traffic numbers to reach your income goals.  

You earn more with less traffic - how cool is that!

You can turn your existing knowledge and what you already do, into an amazingly profitable passive income cash flow.

...even if you hate tech and have no audience or traffic

But what about the other ways to make passive income?

Affiliate Marketing: With affiliate marketing, you're relying on someone else's product to make an income. Even then, you only earn a percentage of the whole product. This means that the product owner has the ultimate control over your income stream - how scary is that!

Paid ads: You need massive amounts of traffic in order to make having ads all over your site worth wile. They also slow your site down, which is a big no no if you want to rank in Google, they annoy your readers, and on top of all that, you're sending people away from your site. So you're spending enormous amounts of time to get thousands of daily visitors to your site, only to send them away when they click on an ad! This just doesn't seem like a logical, long-term online business strategy, does it!

Your Highly-Leveraged Business

The best way to earn passive income is with your own digital product.

When you create a digital product, it instantly becomes a tangible asset in your business.

You create your digital product only once, and then it will sell and earn you an income 24/7 for months and even years to come.

You simply create another digital product to give yourself another passive cash-flow. This is how you achieve multiple streams of passive income.

I like to call this a Digital Product Suite. Aim to have at least three digital products, each giving you an automated income stream.

This should be your long-term goal.

You have complete control over the amount and types of digital products to create and also the pricing of your products. This means you have complete control over your income, and that's how you reach your income goals and beyond!

And the best thing is, these are income streams without involving you!

Creating a digital product is not enough...

But of course, creating a successful passive income stream is much more than just creating a digital product. 

You need to have an automated system in place in order to make sales 24/7 whilst not involving you.

Then you need to have a traffic strategy in place in order to get a constant supply of people to see your digital products - and who will go on to actually buy them.

I created the Passive Income Blueprint to give you the complete step-by-step system I use every time I want to create a passive income stream.

I used to struggle really bad to get my digital products (ebooks) seen when it was no longer possible to get a single sales page ranked on the first page of Google (yes, this used to be possible circa 2007 when I did just that).

Now that Google was keep having hissy-fits (major algorithm changes) , and Pinterest wasn't even a thing yet (invented in 2010), how was a girl supposed to sell her amazing ebook collection?

Enter the automated email sequence!

I saw that other people were selling their digital products via email. But not just by sending out any random email, but by automating the whole selling process with an evergreen email sequence.

After a few months of trying to figure out everything to do with lead magnets, landing pages and automated email sequences, with a little bit of sales psychology thrown into the mix, I was having success selling a few of my ebooks.  Constantly and passively.

Today, I see fellow female entrepreneurs struggle to not only create a digital product, but most don't have a system in place to sell it automatically 24/7.

This is when I decided to create the Passive Income Blueprint.  This is my 3-step system to go from digital product topic idea, all the way through to getting traffic into your passive income sales funnel(s).

It's a complete system to create a highly-leveraged income into your current business.  


Digital Product Creation

Create your entry level digital product.

Create more digital products for your Digital Product Suite.


Passive Income Funnel

Avatar deep dive

Psychology-driven marketing message

Automated sales machine


Passive Traffic Strategy

Get consistent, free, organic traffic into your passive income funnel.

Build and grow an audience.

Introducing the

Passive Income Blueprint

Learn How To Create a Highly-Leveraged Business

Digital Products | Automated Systems | Free, Automatic Traffic

The Passive Income Blueprint is your complete

3-step strategy to go from digital product idea to

creating a fully functioning passive income stream

What Is It?

The Passive Income Blueprint is a text-based program consisting of three separate courses - the 3-systems:

Digital Product Creation | Passive Income Funnel | Passive Traffic Strategy

The three separate courses are put together inside of one large course format:

 Phase 1: Digital Product Creation

Phase 2: Passive Income Funnel

Phase 3: Passive Traffic Strategy

Why a Text-Based Program?

That's a good question, and I'm going to be completely transparent with you.


The first reason the program it's text-based is because it would never have come to fruition if I had to create it all with videos.

It would have taken me forever to do it all in video format. I'm a solopreneur as I don't have a team to help me. I don't even have a virtual assistant.

I wanted a quick and easy way to get all the knowledge I have stored in my head, down on paper so I can help other fellow female entrepreneurs to also create passive income streams with digital products.


The Passive Income Blueprint started off as an ebook in 2017. I decided to expand on the ebook contents and put it into a course format (I use Thrive Apprentice as the course software).  Because the program is text-based and it's in a course format, I can easily go in and update sections and add new sections with literally one click of a button (the save button!)


Study's show that many people still prefer text-based learning as opposed to video-based learning. People like to scan at their own pace and to bookmark certain sentences or paragraphs for future reference - you can't do that with video.  

The Passive Income Blueprint is broken down into very narrow subject-focused lessons. You just simply login and read through a particular lesson again for a refresh. 


And as a byproduct of all the above reasons for the program being text based, it means that the price is much lower as if it were an online video program. If it was video-based learning, it would literally be double the price I'm selling it for now.

But it's much more than text-based...

Even though the lessons are text-based, I also make extensive use of:

Screen shots




Little, bit-sized video tutorials

So don't think that it's all boring paragraphs upon paragraphs of text - it's not.  I've tried to make it as fun, interesting and visually appealing as I possible can. 

But wait, there's even more...

PIMS Ladies

Monthly Membership

As an optional add-on to the Passive Income Blueprint course, I've created a monthly membership where I send members 'Little Monthly Tutorials' to support and help them further with specific tactics or actions they need to do in their passive income journey.

*PIMS stands for Passive Income Mastery Success

** Hint: You get one free month inside the members club when you purchase the Passive Income Blueprint!

additional support

The Passive Income Blueprint is a very linear, narrow-focused course designed specifically not to overwhelm you. 

The Mastery Members' Club is to further support you to succeed. 

Little Monthly tutorials

Short, bite-sized tutorials to further help and support you to create your whole passive income digital product suite.

These tutorials are housed in an easy to navigate membership area.

private facebook community

Don't feel like you're on your own. The membership is where all us PIMS ladies hang out to support and encourage each other.  If you're stuck on something, then simply reach out in the group to get help and advice.

What's The Difference Between

the Course and the Membership?

Passive Income Blueprint Program

Stand-alone course, fully comprehensive.

Narrow and deep approach.


Step-by-step learning.

From digital product idea to full passive income stream.

Isn't cluttered with various approaches.

Isn't cluttered with unnecessary lessons or tutorials.

Avoids overwhelm.

Can definitely succeed with course without having to be included in membership.

Study at your own pace with lifetime access.

Passive Income Mastery Membership

An optional 'add-on' to the Blueprint course.

Broad and wide 'mastery' learning.

'Mastery' means it covers the whole subject of passive income (wide).

Further help to support the success of course, if needed.

Little bite-sized tutorials (5-20 minutes).

Only allowed in membership if purchased course.

Not an independent, stand-alone membership.

First month free when you become a student of the full course. Cancel anytime.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

► When you join the Passive Income Blueprint program, you get immediate access to the full course.

► It comprises of being primarily text-based with images, diagrams, schematics and mini video demonstration tutorials (i.e. showing you how to set up a shopping cart etc.)

► This gives you a full-spectrum of learning and visuals.

► You get lifetime access to the course which means you can learn at your own pace.

► The Passive Income Blueprint is deliberately put together to be very linear (narrow) in approach.  This is to help you avoid overwhelm

► Think of it as one big sequential checklist.

► Inside the program you'll find Your Success Path. You simply follow the path in order to get from from one step to the next - a bit like a road-map.

► At the end of your success path, you will have one fully-functioning passive income stream.

► You also get one free month inside the PIMS Ladies Members' Club. Cancel anytime.

The One Thing Approach

To help you avoid overwhelm, I've written the course so you follow the one thing approach. This gives you a very narrow-focused passive income stream.

One digital product > One avatar > One marketing message > One lead magnet > One sales funnel

 > One traffic platform

Sequential Checklist

The whole program comprises of the 3-step strategy to take you from digital product idea to a full-blown passive income cash-flow. 

You get an inter-active success path to follow, step-by-step to reach your income and lifestyle goals.

The Full Passive Income System

You don't need to go and buy another course on how to set up your sales funnel or how to drive traffic to your digital products. It's all here in this program.

I will be constantly updating the course and adding in new sections or training if and when needed.

Optional Add-on Training & Support

The Passive Income Blueprint is a complete, comprehensive course which will help you to reach your income goals.

However, for those who need additional help and support, I've created the PIMS Ladies Members' Club.

Fit Your Business into The Blueprint Strategy

You don't have to fit your business into a stringent formula.

The Passive Income Blueprint is a step-by-step strategy, and you choose how you fit your business into this strategy that feels in alignment with you and your goals.

You choose which types of digital products you want to create.

You choose which shopping cart software to use.

You choose which type of sales funnel to create.

You choose which traffic technique to dig in to.

Meet Tamara & Penny

I want to introduce to you Tamara and Penny.  Both of these lovely ladies are fictional avatars who feature in the passive income program.  Tamara and Penny look like they are part of the same target market i.e. the same avatar, but when you do a deep dive on the exact individual persona's, you soon find that both of these ladies are completely different, and therefore, they both need to be marketed to in a completely different way.

I use Tamara and Penny as examples to show you in reality how and why you really need to hone in and do a deep dive on your avatars.  By doing this, it makes a huge difference when targeting them and including them in your overall marketing and traffic strategy.

Let's take a look at what you'll learn in each of the three core modules (the 3-step system)


STEP 1: Rapid Digital Product Creation

► How to choose your perfect topic idea.

► Validate your topic idea so you know it will sell.

► Create your entry level digital product (ebook/printables.)

► How to set up sales processes (shopping carts etc.)

► Mapping out your digital product suite (long-term goals).

► Starter guide on how to create an online course.

► Starter guide on how to create a membership site.


STEP 2: Building Your Passive Income Funnel

► Avatar deep dive.

► Your psychology-driven marketing message.

► The best two lead magnets for maximum conversions.

► The 4 phases of your passive income funnel.

► Create your automated sales machine (funnel).


STEP 3: Fill Your Funnel With Passive Traffic

► Implement an organic passive traffic strategy.

► Learn how online traffic really works.

► Learn about the natural, organic traffic cycle.

► How to achieve free automatic, passive traffic.

► How to own and safeguard your traffic.


OPTIONAL Add-On: PIMS Ladies Members' Club

Become a PIMS Lady inside this this exclusive members club. Each month you'll receive 'Little Monthly Tutorials' which support the main Passive Income Blueprint course.  You'll get a username and password to enter your dashboard area which holds all the tutorials, plus workbooks, worksheet and additional printables which aid and support your learning.


You also get some amazing bonuses when you enroll...

Bonus 1
One-Month Free Membership

When you enroll in the Passive Income Blueprint, you'll also get immediate access to the Mastery Membership. Absolutely free for one whole month.

This exclusive club consists of Little Monthly Tutorials delivered into the private members area.

Bonus 2

PIMS Ladies Community

You'll be invited to join the private PIMS Ladies Facebook community.

This is where all of us like-minded PIMS Ladies can help, support and cheer each other on. We can all do with a bit of cheering on when learning something new!

Bonus 3
SEO Mini Courses

Pinterest and Google Mini Courses.

To help with your passive traffic efforts, I've also written and included mini crash courses on Pinterest and Google SEO.

You'll learn the basic fundamentals of each platform to get free, organic traffic.

About The Course Teacher, Claire Bullerwell

Claire has been online since 1997 (on and off) and she has been creating digital products since 2007, followed by sales funnels since 2012.  Claire created her first ebook called 'How To Start & Run a Management House Cleaning Business", which was the first of twelve ebooks she would go on to write and sell over the years. This is in addition to creating and selling printables and planners in the blogging niche.

After having a hiatus from the Internet, Claire has come back invigorated and stronger than ever and created this mammoth program to help fellow female entrepreneurs to get some space and margin in their business so they can do more of the activities they want to do, activities which they enjoy.

So if you're at a total loss on how to start generating passive income in your business, even if you hate tech and have no traffic or audience, then The Passive Income Blueprint will become your online gateway to help you reach your income and lifestyle goals.


This whole program is brand new and I'm now opening it up to

action-orientated founding members.

As a founding member you'll be able to work closely with me by offering  feedback on the course content and any technical teething issues.

During the founding member phase, I'll be working around the clock to ensure that the course lives up to both yours and my expectations!

So How Much Does This All Cost?

If you've read all this way down (or jumped straight to the bottom to look at the price first - see, I know these things :)) then obviously you want to know how much The Passive Income Blueprint costs.

And I think that you'll be pleasantly surprised!

So I'll cut to the chase.

If this were a full video-based learning course,

then the price would easily be:


Taking into consideration that the whole program consists of 3 full courses, plus all the amazing bonuses.


Since the course is mainly text based, and is brand new and taking on founding members, this does reflect on the price.

So, today you can get everything for the amazing price of...



Founding Member Introductory Offer

the course




The Passive Income Blueprint

Lifetime Access

Digital Product Creation

Passive Income Funnel

Passive Traffic Strategy

SEO Mini Courses

One enrollment for both course & membership.

Cancel membership anytime. Still have lifetime access to Passive Income Blueprint Course.

 + membership




Little Tutorials Delivered Monthly

FREE First Month

Members-Only Facebook Community

Passive Income Mastery

Immediate Access

Cancel Anytime

Membership is $27 month with first month being free. 

Cancel anytime. Still have lifetime access to Passive Income Blueprint Course.

regular course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

Even though the course is currently in the founding member phase, I will still offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. 

If, for whatever reason, you decide that the Passive Income Blueprint is not for you, then simply request a refund within the first 30 days of your enrollment.  

Purely for feedback and improvement of the course, I will require you to state the reason for the cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Website?

Yes. But it can be just a small website to host your digital products on. If you don't have one yet you'll have to learn how to create one, or get someone to build one for you, as I'm afraid that this is beyond the scope of this course. 

Do I Need To Create a Lot of Content?

Yes you will. This is a course for content creators as you'll need to create content for your digital product(s) and also free content to market your digital products and build an audience. The content you create is up to you i.e. text, video or audio.

Do I Need an Existing Audience?

No, you don't need an existing audience as getting traffic and building an audience is part of the course as outlined in Step 3: Your Traffic Strategy.

This Seems a Like a Lot of Work, Is It Overwhelming?

Creating a digital product and setting up a passive income stream is a big project. You're creating and building a highly-leveraged business.

This is the reason why I specifically created the course with a step-by-step approach - to help you avoid overwhelm.

I'm Really Busy, Will I Have Time For This?

If you're serious about creating passive income and creating more freedom for the long-term, then you'll need to put some time aside specifically for your passive income project. Try to dedicate at least five hours per week if you can.

However remember, you have lifetime access to the course, so the speed at which you work is ultimately up to you. You're not going to get any pressure from me - just support and encouragement :)

Will This Work for any Niche?

Yes. If you're already sharing information with your paid or free content, then there's a market out there waiting for you to create a digital product.

I'm Not Very Technical, Will I Be Able To Do This?

Absolutely. I'm not very technical neither but I've always managed to get by because the software that's out there now is amazing and so simple to use. 

I also have little videos on how to use certain software such as the SendOwl digital delivery and shopping cart service.

However, you can use any software which you choose. I don't force any software on you, the choice is yours.

If I'm Stuck, Is There Any Support?

Definitely. You can instant access to the PIMS Ladies private Facebook group so you can ask any questions in there and either myself or other PIMS ladies will try our best to help you.

Will I Need More Money To Get Started?

No. You can start off by using free tools to create your digital products, and then I'll show you a way to earn money before the free trials of digital delivery software is up.

Having said that, SendOwl (digital delivery) is only $9 a month for the basic package which is all you need to get started.

Do You Offer a Full Refund?

Yes of course. I offer a 30 day guarantee.

How Long Do I Have Access To This Course?

How does forever sound? The course will continue to be revamped with new strategies and updated information, but you will always have life time access at the initial price which you paid for the course. 

What Format Is The Course Content Delivered In?

The course lessons are text-based.  I use a lot of diagrams, schematics and colored text to make the lessons more fun and interesting. 

I have also included some little video tutorials where a visual demonstration is needed.

I'm Still Unsure About How The Membership Works

Ahh OK, good question.

The Passive Income Blueprint is a comprehensive stand-alone course. This is all you need to create a passive income with digital products and automation.

I specifically want to keep the Passive Income Blueprint course very narrow-focused and linear to avoid overwhelm.  This is my priority - for you to avoid overwhelm.

The PIMS Ladies membership is an optional add-on to the course. If you want further support in the form of additional videos and tutorials, then these are included in the membership.

I don't want to dilute the focus of the course with additional videos and tutorials that some students won't necessarily need.

For example, I may have a tutorial in the membership on how to create Pinterest pins in PicMonkey. This is only relevant to people who are going to use Pinterest and PicMonkey. Not everyone taking the course will want to use Pinterest or use PicMonkey.

The course: Deep, narrow-focused, step-by-step.

The membership: The wider scope.

The membership is currently $27 month and you can cancel anytime.

You get one month free when you first purchase the course. You can cancel the membership before you start paying for the second month.

Can I Join The Membership Without Buying The Course?

No, I'm afraid not. The membership is an optional add-on to the main course. The membership wouldn't make much sense on it's own as the blueprint course is the strategy and structure of your passive income streams. The membership is additional mini tutorials to further support the course students if they so wish. 

I Don't Have a Business Yet, Can I Still Take This Course?

Yes you can.  You can create a digital product business from scratch using the methods in this program.  However, you will need to have a website, or learn how to create one, as this is beyond the scope of this course. 

You will also need to know what niche / target market you want to serve as this program is primarily aimed as freelancers and bloggers who are already serving in their own niche.

Founding Member Introductory Offer

the course




The Passive Income Blueprint

Lifetime Access

Digital Product Creation

Passive Income Funnel

Passive Traffic Strategy

SEO Mini Courses

One enrollment for both course & membership.

Cancel membership anytime. Still have lifetime access to Passive Income Blueprint Course.

 + membership




Little Tutorials Delivered Monthly

FREE First Month

Members-Only Facebook Community

Passive Income Mastery

Immediate Access

Cancel Anytime

Membership is $27 month with first month being free. 

Cancel anytime. Still have lifetime access to Passive Income Blueprint Course.

regular course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

A Personal Note From Claire

Well my friend, you've made it all the way down to the very bottom and I didn't want to just leave you hanging here pondering what to do!

I really do hope that you decide to join me and become a PIMS Lady, I think we'll have so much fun creating your passive income streams together.

Even though this course is in the 'founding member' phase and I'll be tweaking some things, I'm already immensely proud of what I've created to help fellow female entrepreneurs get more freedom and margin in their business with digital products and automation.

If you're still undecided to join, why not give both the course and the membership a try for the next 30 days, and if it's not for you, then simply ask for a refund.  You can always join again at a later date if you're not ready for your passive income journey yet - although don't forget that presently the price is discounted for founding members. The price will go up soon, once it's all ironed out and is totally amazing.

See you on the other side?

I hope so.

Claire x

The PIMS Ladies

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