Join the PIMS Ladies
Facebook Community

Hello and welcome!

The private PIMS Ladies Facebook group is specifically for the monthly paying members of the Little Monthly Tutorials mastery membership. For this reason, I’m asking you to answer three questions when requesting to join the group.

This is purely for my back-office, admin side of things to help me keep track of the members here and the Facebook group members.

What you need to have at hand before you request to join:

► Your membership login username (the one you use to log into this membership)

► Your Facebook email address

► Use the secret code name: purpleowl

You need to answer all of these three questions to be accepted into the group.

>> Join the PIMS Ladies private Facebook group <<

Sorry if this sounds like a rigmarole, but as I said, it’s purely to help me stay organized!

Thank you and I can’t wait to meet you inside the Facebook group, along with all the other lovely PIMS Ladies!

Claire x