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Claire x

Welcome my lovely fellow female entrepreneur!

Why beat around the bush? Let's get straight into making you passive income...

Passive Income Step #1

Your very first step to create passive income with a simple digital product is to do some research and find an in-demand and profitable digital product topic. 

The topic needs to be a solution to a very specific and pressing problem.

So you go out there and find out what problems your target market are currently experiencing and then find one specific problem which you can solve with your one little digital product. 

Need help with this?

Watch this free 45 minute action-focused workshop which shows you:

  • How to find your perfect digital product topic idea.
  • What type of digital product to create.
  • How to price your digital product.
  • How to make at least $1,000 month with your digital product.
  • How to make multiple streams of passive income.

                                 Plus so much more!

Watch this workshop and start creating your passive income...

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Meet Claire

Hello, nice to meet you!

I created my first digital product back in 2007, it was a simple ebook on 'How To Set-Up a Management House Cleaning Business'  (I used to run my own house cleaning business and employed two cleaners while I managed the business from my home office).

This simple ebook give me my first real taste of passive income; because I was literally making money while I slept - and I was hooked!  I then went on a passive income extravaganza and wrote 12 'how to' ebooks and tons of printable worksheets over the following years.

This workshop is showing you the up-to-date way to create passive income with digital products. This is what's working now, and it's a brilliant time for you jump on board and join in on all this passive income fun which so many people are reaping rewards from!

I hope you enjoy it!

Claire x

Claire Bullerwell

Founder | Create a Passive Business

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