Create a Highly-Leveraged Business

Release the pressure and stress by creating multiple streams of passive income in your business or blog with your own, unique digital product suite + automated traffic.

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What's Coming Soon:

I'm nearly finished creating two online courses to help female bloggers and female-service providers create multiple streams of passive income with digital products & automation.


The Passive Income Blueprint &

The Passive Traffic Blueprint

  • These courses are text-based with schematics, graphs & some little video tutorials.
  • By being text-based, the cost will be very low compared to video-based courses.
  • Both courses have workbooks and handouts included.
  • They are both step-by-step, strategy-based learning.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in my Passive Courses!

Stop stressing about income by creating a Highly-Leveraged Business Model. These two courses combined show you how to set up a business where it's automated as much as it possibly can be:

Automated Income & Automated Traffic.

And yes, these courses are specifically designed so you can

do this alongside your current service-business or blog. 

The Passive Income Blueprint
Text-Based Course

Learn how to earn multiple steams of passive income with your own digital product suite.

A step-by-step strategy:

Create your first entry-level digital product.

Set up systems & sales processes.

Create a passive income funnel (sales funnel).

Create a second, higher-priced digital product... and so on.

The Passive Traffic Blueprint
Text-Based Course

Learn how to fill your passive income funnel(s) and sell your digital products with automatic traffic:

A step-by-step strategy:

Sell your digital products and/or services on autopilot 24/7.

Learn the traffic cycle and momentum building formula.

Learn my four-step traffic strategy to get long-term automatic traffic.

Have stable traffic when algorithm changes happen.

Little Monthly Tutorials
Low-Cost Monthly VIP Membership

This is an optional add-on to the two courses.

Become part of the PIMS VIP Community:  

Little 'quick-win' tutorials each month.

Access to member area dashboard and tutorials.

Private VIP Mastermind Facebook group.

Both of these courses are strategy-based because the Internet moves and changes so fast and frequently that it's hard to stay on top of things. Therefore, having strategies in place for income and traffic is the best way to have a stable business as much as possible in the ever-changing online world.

About the Course Creator

Hi!  I'm Claire Bullerwell the owner of and the creator of these two courses.

Both courses have been in the making since 2017 (life got in the way!) and they are basically a step-by-step journey of how I create passive income and passive traffic.

By working together, we'll be able to release the pressure of getting reliable income and reliable traffic in your business or blog.

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Claire x

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